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On Finding a Gay Best Friend

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: rthustler1

The other day when I was in my European History class, I was scrolling away the minutes on Twitter when I came across a tweet from a girl I used to know in a town I used to live in. It read, “I would do anything to have a gay best friend!!! They look like…

Our Engagement Story


Here I am, riding a train on Valentine’s Day. By the time you read this it will no longer be Valentine’s Day, but that’s ok. I imagine romance is still be lingering wherever you are and will be in the air for weeks to come, because that’s what V Day does, right? It makes people…

An Open Letter To Middle Schoolers


Dear Middle Schoolers, This letter also applies to those of you who identify as “Junior High Schoolers,” so please do not disregard it if you are now thinking, “Middle Schooler? What’s that? Not me!” Are you between the ages of 11 and 14? Then this note is for you. And, trust me, you’re going to…