SPECIAL REPORT: 79% of Swedish males believe Mongolia has world’s hottest women


Despite living in a country where an absurd proportion of the female population is thin, young, blonde and insanely attractive, 79% of the male population of Sweden somehow believes that Mongolia’s women are the sexiest in the world.

“Oh yes, there’s no comparison,” said Karl Tomasson, 34, an electrician in Stockholm. “The Mongolian ladies have that subtle charm and special grace that I find the most attractive. Their high cheekbones, their smooth complexions, and their delicately sculpted limbs…it just drives me wild.”

Even though he spends each day surrounded by beautiful women from his native country, any one of whom could have been a high-fashion model or a Miss Universe contestant for Christ’s sake, Thorstad is adamant that Mongolian women, more than any other nation on earth, have “got it goin’ on.”

Nor is he alone in his opinion. A recent survey conducted by the Swedish National Data Service revealed that 79% of Swedish males aged 18-35 deem Mongolian females to be the sexiest in the world, for the love of God.

“Ya sure,” said Adam Eklund, 22, a computer programmer in Malmö. “Them Mongolian girls have the nicest faces, you betcha. And they have really beautiful eyes, too, doncha know. If I could go anywhere in the world and date anybody I wanted, I’d be sure to head straight to Ulaanbaatar and pick out one o’ them girls there, ya sure.”

Ivar Vinter, 27, a fashion and glamour photographer based in Stockholm, was even more vehement in his support of the Mongolian feminine aesthetic, if that makes any sense at all.

“I just get so sick and tired of snapping pictures of tall, statuesque women with perfect hair and nails and teeth brighter than the snows of Norrland,” he said, taking a break from a group swimsuit photography session with Yvette Rachelle, Elin Nordegren, and Vendela Kirsebom in strapless bikinis. “They make me sick. Their hair is so golden and lustrous, and their skin is so smooth and flawless. Ugh, that’s so totally not me. How I long to make the pilgrimage to Central Asia and get lost among the 1.5-meter beauty queens of the steppes.”

Mongolian Women 2“I just can’t rest until I line up a Mongolian stunner in full-body deel standing in front of her goat-skin yurt,” Vinter added.

Vinter, though he lives in a country which one hundred goddamn percent of the American and central European male population would give their right fucking arm to visit, says that he feels “bored” at his job and “has no energy” for the dating scene.

“I mean, everywhere I go, I have these young, lithe, virile women with ice-blue eyes and gorgeous figures throwing themselves at me,” he said, yawning as Vendela Kirsebom pulled her swimsuit down lower to show the cameraman the curve of her thigh. “I’m going out of my mind with the monotony.”

Adam Eklund gave the dating scene in Malmö “an honest try, there” but “it didn’t really work out, doncha know.”

“I tried the ol’ dating service, ya sure,” Eklund continued. “Online, doncha know. I met Czech girls, Polish girls, Norwegian girls, Danish girls. Blondes,
Mongolian Man
brunettes, redheads, tanned, fair-skinned, freckly, curvaceous, graceful, sensuous, sultry, forthright and high on life. The whole bunch of ‘em were stacked like Christmas trees, too. But it just wasn’t for me, doncha know. I gotta get me out to Mongolia sometime soon, you betcha.”

Meanwhile, a quick poll by the Mongolian government reveals that 92% of Mongolian women, sadly, would not be interested in dating a Swedish man.

“Swedish? Ewww,” said Badar  Bolormaa, 23, of Tov Aymag. “No thank you. I’ll stick with my current boyfriend,
thanks. I just love men with wind-burned faces and tangled hair who stay out for weeks hunting wolves and come home wearing the skins of their catch. There’s nothing else in the world for me.”

At press time, Karl Tomasson, Adam Eklund and Ivar Vintner had just finished booking plane tickets to Ulaanbaatar, if you can believe it. Each man declared his firm intention to go and “find the girl of [their] dreams.”

“Ya sure, you betcha,” Eklund added.


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Andrew T. Post

Andrew T. Post

Andrew T. Post graduated from North Dakota State University in December of 2007, when the weather was so cold that Starbucks was serving coffee on a stick. He took his degree in journalism and put it to good use, penning sententious articles on his blog and works of short science fiction. In early 2012 he packed his bags and sought occupational asylum in the Republic of South Korea, where he lives in a ninth-floor apartment and works as an English teacher. He is a licensed pilot, a classically-trained bartender, and an unapologetic punster whose first novel is currently seeking a venue. 


  • Rob

    Good luck boys! all you will get is young girls dressed up in adult bodies! then wine to the world that you got robbed and broken down because of their games! i married one and many expats all the same!
    But, non the less they are beautiful looking woman.

  • Bolor

    kkk, so interesting, huh? As I am a Mongolian woman, I don’t want to write a good or bad comment here. But, I just wondering about a couple of things of this post. I do not know what kind of survey conducted in Sweden, but I have not even heard about the survey concluded that “92% of Mongolian women would not be interested in dating a Swedish man”. Of course I do not know if the result would be true or false, but I think they just can not announce without source. Moreover, They said very mean about Mongolian men, like tangled hair.., ..come home wearing the skin of their catch. It sounds just like “Middle ages” or even more like “stone ages”, you know. I believe that at least it can not represent common Mongolian men. Just tried to provide with some real information.

    • http://www.lukespartacus.com/ LukeSpartacus

      Pst… it’s a satirical article

  • О. Санчир

    Does sweden girls has same taste for mongolians? lol just kidding. And its NOT just believe, we got the hottest ladies. Its just different point of view what is beautiful and what is not! So please, stick your nose from our country, will ya?

  • Bolor

    OMG, they should delete this fatuous article, we look like that strange and ridiculous or something. I study at an international university in Japan, and in this school, while Mongolian girls are the most fashionable and beautiful girls among all students from 130 different countries, especially the girls from Europe are too boring, have no fashion sense, and even pretty ugly. The poster better write what he knows.

    • James “Swedish” Ryan

      I think the article is funny, doesn’t really offend anyone… but keep in mind sometimes the subtleties of humor do not always translate well into other cultural context. . . On an unrelated note… are you single?

  • see

    Whoever wrote this is a fucking idoit. If you’re going to write a satire, do it right. CAUSE YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Go to school and figure it out. You are a terrible writer and person. Jealous much? Please stop splattering your ignorant bullshit in the internet and shut your stupid mouth, you racist fuck.

    • Gregory Mason

      So the guy calling someone (a stranger) a “F-ing idiot,” making fun of his education background, telling him a he is a “jealous” “terrible” person, and a “racist f*ck” is claiming the moral high ground… #fascinating #humans

  • A. Nonymous

    So this is a work of satire?

    I’ve never been to Sweden but I have been to Ulaanbaatar and quite a few other places that are known to have their share of attractive women. Mongolian women are BY FAR the most overall attractive women I’ve seen. If in your misguided attempt at humor you were trying to pick a legitimate contrast to the beauty of Swedish Blondes you couldn’t have done any worse than to pick Mongolian women.

  • Orgil Khatanbaatar

    As I am Mongolian woman, no matter what mongolian women say, they are humiliated and mistreated like hell by mongolian men. I bet Swedish men are what mongolian women need, which probably they don’t realize yet. Good luck guys and I welcome you to Mongolia. Probably you will find some aggression from mongolian males who are jealous and possessive over mongolian women though, don’t give up. That 92% of mongolian women don’t want swedish men is bullshit.

    • Zack

      here’s the thing, everyone at one point has this perception that the grass is always greener on the other side. you will find bad men in every country, not only in mongolia but you’re bound to find in sweden, america, canada, mexico, again in every country, in every culture as well.

  • fdsdsdfsdfdfs

    okay, i really don’t know about the 79% but i can tell the 92% is fake. that sounds really medieval. even the name is very fake, it sounds like ‘Bob Smith’ or smth. wtf hahaha



  • WakkaWakkaFonzy

    For real, epic satirical fail. Go see Mongolia for yourself, and don’t forget your bib!

  • Tengiz

    He is not Mongol men. He is Turkic. Kazakh Men. Who lives in western Mongolia. Just Turkic Kazakhs wear red hat in Mongolia.

  • Timothy Czamiec

    racist and unfunny and tryhardy and pretentious and shallow and gay and retarded and misleading article all at the same time. FUCK YOU whoever wrote this.

    • hamishbond1959

      Timothy, take your liberal, politically correct BS to some fag or feminist who can appreciate it. It is evident your backside hasn’t been serviced for a while. Tell you what, travel to Africa, ask for the Watusi tribe and offer yourself to any endowed warrior – that will put a smile on your girl-like face.

      • Timothy Czamiec

        You’re a faggot and I came in your daughter’s pussy

        • hamishbond1959

          What would a queer-bait little punk like you know about “pussy”? Last time I checked, you were sucking radical, Islamist Terrorist cock. And they don’t even like fairy-dust – must have been good.

  • http://www.ubizarre.com/ Munazzam ali

    Mongolia is home to many beautiful places and beautiful people. Mongolian women are also really beautiful and they have natural beauty so it means with or without makeup they are always slaying. Beautiful eyes, attractive body, stunning face and the list goes on. Mongolian Women are surely as beautiful as any women if world or any actress. > https://goo.gl/AbmnE6

  • Mark

    Swedish “men” are real wussses…This article is to sell something anyway. Mongolian women could beat any swedish man up.