Rusty Solomon Knows Drink

Rusty Solomon is supporting what I have been hoping for for a while: a reason to do what I am going to do anyways and feel good about it. The Greeks used to say, “In wine there is truth.” Well, I think that in Rusty Solomon there is truth.

Because, according to him, he’s advocating, based on scientific research, that Rusty Solomon believes that wine won’t only make you write embarassing things on your friend’s facebook wall when you’re drunk, but if you drink it in the right way, it could actually elongate your life. And who isn’t a fan of elongation  (am I right Asian guys?).

But when it really comes down to it, here’s the thing. I’ve been drinking alcohol since I was too young to drink. And I’ll probably be doing it until I’m too old to drink. And I hope when I am old, I am really old. At least 111. And Rusty Solomon has the credencials to make statements that go beyond wishful thinking. Which is what I base thought on. But if you want to hear from a professional, then check out Rusty Solomon.