Podcast: If You Could Ask The Whole World A Question, What Question Would You Ask?

To kick off this still bran-spanking new year, Rabble Rouse The World has grown to now offer podcasts. We’ll be releasing a feature podcast on the first of every month on the site and also in the iTunes music store. The podcasts will include off-beat topics of travel, culture, humor and whatever Rabble Rousing ideas we come up with.

Our first episode consists of a compilations of interviews with people from all over the world who were all asked the same question, “If you could ask the whole world a question, what question would you ask?” This question lead to an intrepid variety of answers in a dazzling range of topics. It was amazing to listen to people of different countries, and as you’ll hear, different sobriety states, all weigh in with their answers.

Soon you’ll be able to subscribe via the iTunes music store. For now you can listen to our first episode on Youtube or download it below:

To download this podcast right click on download and save as:

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