‘N Sync Says “Bye Bye Bye” to a Reunion Tour


Rumors swirled of a possible reunion tour for NSYNC after Justin’s impressive VMA performance.  The boy band immediately jumped for the opportunity to tour again but encountered problems the second day of rehearsals.  The other members of the boy band were outraged when they realized they had to perform with Justin on stage for more than just 30 seconds.  Joey “the fat one” Fatone had this to say about the matter: “I got tired just walking from my car to the studio this morning and then I was asked to dance and sing for the rest of the afternoon! I’m not superman!”

The rest of the band felt as though JT was slave driving them into performing full songs and dance routines as if they were still in their twenties.  Chris Kirkpatrick was appalled that he was asked to start working out and eating better. “I was kind of hoping this tour would just be Justin doing all the dancing around us.” Stated Chris in a recent interview. Lance Bass claimed that he was under the impression that the band was at a point where people would come and see them no matter what they did. “I’ve gotten really good at slight of hand magic tricks and I suggested that I do that on stage for a little while Justin sang the songs.  But of course it got shot down. I don’t understand why.”

When we asked Justin’s thoughts on the whole scenario he had this to say: “I don’t get it.  It’s just rehearsing the songs and the joey-fatone-n-sync-reunion__oPtchoreography again. Just like we’ve always done.  It’s like they’ve all had a lobotomy.”  The rehearsals have turned into minor screaming matches, the rest of the group against JT.  After yelling for just 2 minutes JC Chavez had to be hospitalized for exhaustion.

So for NSYNC fans it looks like they’ll just have to keep enjoying that 30 second bit from the VMAs on loop. The band continues to have difficulty with daily functions, let alone performing.


Christina Cola

Christina Cola

Christina Cola is a writer and performer. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and still lives there, because lets face it where else would she go? Christina enjoys spending her weekends doing improv in the basements of dingy bars.