French Song Translated

Like Italian, German and Swiss music, French music is very hard to understand because it is not in English. Fortunately, the team of translators at Rabble Rouse The World, have worked tirelessly to translate this following French song for you. They did it for you. And they did it for the cheese we paid them.


We are tired of translating! Give us the promised cheese!


Here is the fruit of their labor:

Luke Maguire Armstrong

Luke Maguire Armstrong

Oh Luke Maguire Armstrong knows the Muffin Man. Oh yes, he knows the Muffin man. Luke is an author/musician, raccoon survivor, who has done educational development work in Central America, The Bronx, and Kenya. His work to battle infant malnutrition was featured on ABC News 20/20. He has never fought a bear and is the author of four books, including "How We Are Human" and "iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About." Read his bullshit at or follow him @LukeSpartacus and he will sing you songs.