On Finding a Gay Best Friend

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: rthustler1

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: rthustler1

The other day when I was in my European History class, I was scrolling away the minutes on Twitter when I came across a tweet from a girl I used to know in a town I used to live in. It read, “I would do anything to have a gay best friend!!! They look like so much fun!!!” Being a homosexual myself, I know for a fact that gay population is loads of fun. However, I also know that some of the straight population is also tons of fun. On a larger scale, a portion of the human population is fun, but it’s not because of sexual orientation. It’s because, people being people, you know?

When a girl parched for a gay best friend tweets that she wants a Gay Best Friend, I can only assume she wants someone to go shopping with, tell her her boobs like good, and someone to talk about boys with. One’s sexual orientation has zero effect on the ability of two pals to execute such activities. One could do the those activities with literally anyone who is willing to participate, regardless of sexual orientation.

If parched girl’s need for a Gay Best Friend comes true (god willing), who’s to say that he will want to do all of the things she expects him to do? Stereotypes tend to contain a bit of truth, but there is a good portion of the gay who would rather kick back, drink a beer, and watch football than go shopping. This girl only knows that the stereotypical feminine gay specimen exists because it’s all she’s ever seen. How many movies or TV shows have you seen where gay character’s dominant trait isn’t their homosexuality?

This girl wants the idea of the Gay Best Friend, but not so much the actual guy. When I look for a friend, I don’t focus on traits that have no effect on their personality; I focus on the things that make me want to be their friend. If everybody had specific requirements as to what their best friend should be, then making friends would be like applying for jobs.

Friendship is about having people to laugh with when things are funny, and cry with when you have a crush on a guy that seems ridiculously out of your league. Friendships require work, but it’s obviously worth it when you’re in it for the right reasons. This girl might have found her Gay Best Friend, and there is always a chance that he is not just gay, but also a psychopath, and possibly hiding in her shrubbery. But hey, as long as he’s gay, it’s all good.