Elf World 36

Yesterday I got carried away, all the way to another dimension. I decided to stay at least for a day. I am the last one to arrive and off course, my clumsy entrains is the talk of the town. I don´t know, i have always been alone, especially when i´m around.

But i guess I feel better in this brand new dimension, dementia whatever you what to call it.

I don´t want to look you in the eyes, rather stare out the window. Look at the trees go. Dancing with the wind, not a worry in the world, no looking for girls. Just digging the singing wind.

You get what you wish for so be ready when you come. Arguing about a distant war, when it´s all our fault. You go right when she goes left, listening with one ear only, left or right. Suffering from vanity, blind on both eyes. Finding my way in a brand new dimension.

What do you think will happen if I start singing? I bet someone will listen and someone will complain. I might leave a stain, i can always pray.

Looking forward for a new day, in a brand new dimension.

Sunny smiles and hopeful eyes in the storm, not a frown in sight. Beautiful girls carrying on like no one carried on before. You could just blush, I say. I think I will give it another day, in this mystical dimension. So this is what i say. I don´t know about you.



HEK started to write before he learned how, he use to follow his mother and grandmother around making them write down his every word. Beck then his stories where mostly about pranksters disobeying parents and teachers. At the age of 14. he discovers Jack Kerouac and HEK found a soulmate. Couple of years later or when HEK turned 19 he flew to Europe and hitch hiked up and down left and right for 3 years. When he came back to Iceland he started writing songs and has 3 CD´s out the. The Newest one came in 2013 and is called Please tease me.