Dog Literacy Project

Fact: 100% of dogs worldwide are illiterate.

How would you like not to be able to read a menu? How would you like never to be able to write a letter or draft a manifesto? If you answered “no” to all three of those questions you would hate to be a dog. Dogs are illiterate. All of them. They can do none of these things.

Instead of leaving sleeping dogs to lie, we should take action. Since dogs are not capable of expressing themselves vocally, it is that much more important that dogs be taught to read and write. Below is the story of Waggles, one dog, who because he could not communicate through the written word, suffered a terrible embarrassment.


Human Master: What is it Waggles? Do you want to play? Do you want to play Waggles?

Waggles: No. I need to to go do the thing that you get all excited about when I do outside, but get very angry at when I do inside…  Let me outside. You know how you feel about me doing my “thing” inside the house. 

Human Master: Yes Waggles! You want to play! Oh!!! You want to play don’t you, Waggles?

Waggles: No, I still want to drop one of my famous Waggles logs. It is a large one. I really, really, really need to be let out. Let me the hell out of here before I you know what all over your precious Persian rugs! 

Human Master: You want some food Waggles? You want some food?

Waggles: No! That’s the issue. I have overindulged, once again, and now I really just need two minutes of outside time. Why would you deny me this? What the hell is you problem? Let me out. I have been holding this for hours and I the shit-clock is winding down.

….Ten minutes later….

Human Master: Waggles! Bad dog! Bad dog Waggles! You KNOW you’re not supposed to do duty in the house! Bad Waggles! Bad! (Human Master hits the ground violently near the spot of the offense)

Waggles: (under his doggy breath) My ancestors would not have tolerated this and your name would be dinner…. 


Because of ubiquity of dog illiteracy and people’s complacency with it,  Rabble Rouse The World has started an international initiative to raise awareness about this scourge.  We’re not afraid of this hard hitting issue like most people. The International Dog Literacy Project is directed towards dogs who otherwise would never have the opportunity to learn how to read and write. In the past month, we have distributed over 5,000 books to dogs–many of these homeless street dogs. Many were very happy. Some even ate the books in their fierce desire to learn. You can help us. Please spread this page so that more people are aware of the issue. You can also help by giving your used books to dogs.

Knowledge is power. RAISE THE WOOF!

Below are some of our success stories: 



Who's a good boy? Who's the good boy? Who's the good reading boy?



Luke Maguire Armstrong

Luke Maguire Armstrong

Oh Luke Maguire Armstrong knows the Muffin Man. Oh yes, he knows the Muffin man. Luke is an author/musician, raccoon survivor, who has done educational development work in Central America, The Bronx, and Kenya. His work to battle infant malnutrition was featured on ABC News 20/20. He has never fought a bear and is the author of four books, including "How We Are Human" and "iPoems for the Dolphins to Click Home About." Read his bullshit at or follow him @LukeSpartacus and he will sing you songs.