Certifications Are Offered to Customers and Partners of EMC

Customers and partners of EMC have access to exclusive benefits, including certifications that only they can earn. Three tracks are available that customers of EMC can take part in, while partners have access to six tracks. In order to obtain an enriched experience with EMC, as well as earn certifications that can substantially improve your career and enormously enhance your repertoire of information storage and management knowledge, being a customer and/or partner of EMC is a very good thing.

Any past purchase with EMC can qualify you as a customer. Whether it be a training class, previous certification examination, textbook, online material from examtrace, etc., being involved with EMC can put you in a position that allows you to branch out your career to new and exciting levels. Not only is it great for networking, but it allows you to become educated and verified in certification tracks that offer unique job experiences in the IT storage field. As a storage administrator, you can stand out in your company as a leader, having the ability to oversee the storage activities going on within a group and allowing you to further continue your career in advanced, technology-centric roles that design, create, and manage storage solutions.

Also available to customers and partners are three tracks – application developer, system administrator, and technology architect – that are all grouped under the content management foundations associate certification. These certifications offer roles in relate fields, also with the ability to specialize in specific roles and technologies. The final certifications offered to customers are product/technology specific. Instead of being classified as role-based certifications, they verify skills only in EMC products and technologies, such as SourceOne, Captiva, and Ionix, to ensure that you are able to create, implement, and manage solutions specifically designed for such technologies.