New To Rabble Rouse The World: Films on the Fly

Films on the Fly are made by meeting strangers, giving them a premise and having them act it out on the fly, or just assuming a character and going out to rabble rouse. Films on the Fly are new, they are awesome, and they are starring you. WOOT WOOT! Feel free to make and submit…

Coming Soon: Rabble Rouse The World The Podcast

We are happy to announce that coming in February, Rabble Rouse The World is going to be releasing podcasts available from our site and free from the iTunes music store. Episode one is going to explore, “If you could ask the whole world one question, what question would you ask?” Check our our preview here:

Rabble Rouser of the Month: Allen D Christian

As we approach the end of the month in our second month of Rabble Rousing, we’ve decided to declare Allen D Christian, found object artist, our Rabble Rouser of the Month for December, 2011. Our interview with Allen can be found by clicking here. And here. And here. And here! But not here. To honor…

Humans Unite

Rabble Rouse For Good:  From Charlie Chaplin’s film “The Great Dictator”. As applicable as ever.  

French Song Translated

Like Italian, German and Swiss music, French music is very hard to understand because it is not in English. Fortunately, the team of translators at Rabble Rouse The World, have worked tirelessly to translate this following French song for you. They did it for you. And they did it for the cheese we paid them.…

David E. Suger´s Rabble Rousing Music


“At best, music makes us feel less alone”  ~David E. Suger   According to his bio on Last.Fm, David E. Suger is regarded as “one of the most creative artists around.” There is certainly something wistfully imaginative t0 his music. The song featured here, “We weren’t put together” when combined with the visuals of its strangely compelling…