Five Things You Can’t Do at a Concert at 30


An eccentric person once said “with age comes wisdom”, while another one sang “act your age not your shoe size.”  Words to live by, or may hear when you don’t. That being said, just because your age demographic now falls in the 30+ bracket, it doesn’t make you old and boring. It also doesn’t mean…

On Finding a Gay Best Friend

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons: rthustler1

The other day when I was in my European History class, I was scrolling away the minutes on Twitter when I came across a tweet from a girl I used to know in a town I used to live in. It read, “I would do anything to have a gay best friend!!! They look like…

Dating Etiquette: Some Tips for a New Relationship


My boyfriend recently moved in with me, which has caused a bit of reminiscing over those first days of dating. How far we’ve come! While I am fortunate enough to be in a committed long-term relationship that functions pretty well—communication, shared responsibilities, etc.—hindsight is 20/20 and love must be blind because I have no idea…