Book Review: LSD Giggles

This book is available here for free by the author.

In the warning to the reader at the beginning “LSD Giggles“, a collection of poetry. “LSD Giggles is a collection of poems inspired by psychedelics and thought altering states of mind that can lead to new views and perspectives on existence.”

With dedications to Allen Ginsburg, Tom Wolfe, and beatniks, punks, hippies, and “all other counter-cultures” I thought I knew what I’d be getting into once I began the book. I thought I’d be reading another run-of-the-mill, down with authority type book of “drug poetry.”

I was way off.

Ostensibly, as even the author indicates, “LSD Giggles” is an short collection of poetry that is an exploration of different drugs and uses. With titles like “LSD Theory Of Interconnectivity” and “Psilocybin”, that aspect is pretty clear. But the poems reach to something beyond and much more than that. They are present in the poetry, but because of the expectation of their presence, their absence is more notable than that presence, since this poetry is much more than one theme.  Take away the titles, and I think most readers would’t even pick up on the drug associations in many of the poems.

The poems seem to have a Buddhist undercurrent to them their beat influence if front and center.  With lines like The world is constantly coming to an end / And often coming into being. 

They are all fairly abstract, but are well written. Walton seems to be writing from a place of sincerity and promise. What was most shocking was when I found out Jeremiah Walton was only 17! and was writing poetry at a level of sophistication way beyond anything I’ve ever read from someone still in high school. If the next generation of poetry is people like Jeremiah, I have even more faith that the poetic world is advancing to new heights. I look forward to continuing to follow his work and would encourage everyone reading this to check out his book.