Liz Garcia

Liz Garcia

Liz Garcia is a 30 year old Gemini, living in Chicago with her boyfriend, two cats, and puppy. She is a planner by day, and wannabe writer by night. Loves the White Sox, candy, wine and cooking. Hates selfies, Corollas, and being the only one to laugh at her own jokes. Watch her laugh at her own jokes on Instagram @themisadventuresoflizzyg

Which Game of Thrones Character am I?


There is one question that a girl can ask that is guaranteed to start a fight with her and her significant other. No, it’s not “Do I look fat in this?” although I’m shocked that father’s don’t pull their sons aside at a young age and tell them the best way to answer this without getting…

Summer In Chicago

Montrose Avenue Beach. Photo by of Juan Carlos Martin-Loeches via Flickr.

Summer in Chicago The arrival of summer in Chicago means a couple of things to me. Firstly, it means that I’ve aged another year. I’ve actually begun telling people that I am older than my real age, so that they gasp and tell me how great I look for my age. “You don’t look 41!”,…

Thanks a Latte, Starbucks

Thanks a Latte Starbucks

When trying to find the perfect second job, I thought I wanted to work somewhere stress free, and most of all, happy. A place where I could forget the monotony of my day, and forget that I was actually being paid to be there. The happiest place on earth, AKA Disneyland, was 3,000 miles away,…

Fly the Unfriendly Skies


I think some people take their freedom and liberties for granted in this beautiful country of ours. While some people are able to check in for their flights online and glide through security, I am the one being sniffed by a German Shepherd, laying on the ground with my hands above my head. At first,…

Easter Bunny To Kids: Stop Stealing My Eggs!


Hey Kids, It’s me, your neighborhood Easter Bunny, and I just have one thing to say to you this Easter: LEAVE. MY EGGS. THE FUNK. ALONE. Let me explain to you how things work around here. Paying customers call me when they need a candy fix.  I hippity hop around the streets, leaving eggs filled…

Things You Should Know About Dog Adoption

Pet Adoption

So you think you are ready to adopt a dog? I’m here to tell you how to prepare for the arduous screening process that awaits you. This isn’t some “find the cutest puppy and live happily ever after” type of fairy tale. The process is as intense and selective as adopting a white baby in…

Babysitting Sir-Wets-a-Lot and His Six Friends


I’ve never been so broke in my life as I was when living in Philadelphia.  My parking tickets exceeded my income.  I decided that babysitting was my answer.   The problem was nobody had a reason to trust me with their children.  So I falsified my credentials in an ad on Craig’s List. It inferred…

Little Drone Strike on the Prairie

Little Drone Strike On the Praire

“And God bless Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Grace,” Pa continued with his prayers, not blinking an eye, as a barn exploded in the distance. My family, The Ingalls, are no strangers to things being blown up.  The year is 1874, we live on a prairie, and the US is conducting drone strikes on said prairie.…