Christina Cola

Christina Cola

Christina Cola is a writer and performer. She was born and raised in Brooklyn and still lives there, because lets face it where else would she go? Christina enjoys spending her weekends doing improv in the basements of dingy bars.

Throwing Like A Girl: A Memoir

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I was recently reminded of a fun little incident from my youth throwing like a girl the other day after seeing a young girl at the park playing football with the boys. When I was 11 we used to have recess outside after lunch because they would close off the school block for twenty minutes. …

3 Horrible Life Lessons Rudolph Teaches Our Kids


  It’s holiday time once again, which means everyone’s favorite Christmas specials will be appearing all over ABC family.  These shows were meant to teach kids the “true meaning of Christmas” and not to be greedy little bastards when it comes to gifts.  But I came to the realization last year that one Christmas special…

Living Well


I don’t think I live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I’m positive I don’t.  I can’t cook for myself because I never had the time to learn and it has led me to feed on the garbage that diners and deli’s serve up for most of my meals.  It makes sense as to why my…

‘N Sync Says “Bye Bye Bye” to a Reunion Tour


Rumors swirled of a possible reunion tour for NSYNC after Justin’s impressive VMA performance.  The boy band immediately jumped for the opportunity to tour again but encountered problems the second day of rehearsals.  The other members of the boy band were outraged when they realized they had to perform with Justin on stage for more…